All Anitials products are made in our workshop and on demand. Each garment is made exclusively, with all our love.

Unique and Exclusive designs

Made in Spain

Limited Productions


"Anitials is a dream come true. Since I was little I liked personalized things with initials and even with my name. When I traveled I always found it very attractive to buy some personalized detail.

After studying Economics and Business Administration, with the intention of entering the fashion sector, I had the opportunity to work for very important international clothing brands.

Until in 2016, I got married and left my job in Barcelona to move to Gerona.

It was then that I thought it was the right time to start the project that I had always dreamed of. And after many tests in my living room, with effort and uncertainty, but at the same time a lot of enthusiasm, perseverance and the support of my family, essential for me, Anitials was born."

Ana Andreu, founder of Anitials.


Garments that suit your personality, character and style.

We offer different models and sizes, from children to adults, so that each member of the family can wear their Anitials product together.


We have a team of excellent professionals, who work with the commitment to offer an exclusive product, made with all our love and that is personalized especially for you.

We work with passion and close collaboration to build a brand that we are proud to be part of.


Unique products that identify you. Personalized products are an opportunity to claim your own identity and feel unique and special.


We manufacture in a sustainable and responsible way with the environment. All Anitials products are made in our workshop and on demand.


We work efficiently and with a clear organization so that you can receive your order in the shortest possible time.


We want to travel with you, explore and live unforgettable memories.

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